From President's Desk

It is a great pleasure to talk to you, my dear fellows, members of the College and Colleagues of the profession, as we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our esteemed College.
College, established in 1962 through the untiring efforts of late Gen. W. A. Burki and his colleagues has travelled from a nascent and budding institution, certifying 8 members in 1965 and 2 fellows in 1967 to 1,122 fellows and 192 members in 2011 alone. We all are proud to be one of 12,566 fellows and 7,371 members of CPSP.

Now your College offers 64 specializations (including 18 second fellowships) and 21 memberships (including Health Professions Education) and a diploma in Health Management Science (non-clinical).

We all know this has been an arduous journey where in all the fellows of the College have had their input, contribution and involvement in advancing and nurturing it, intellectually, financially and devoting your precious time for the College, as supervisors, examiners, paper setters and other host of College activities. We all know that this contribution has been for the generations to come.